When Beauty Fights the Beast: Reagan’s Story

I have no memory of the first time I saw her. But I vividly remember the first time I heard her name. Nathan and I were in a small town eating at a table with people we didn’t know. What might have looked like a gathering of cowboys for a steak dinner with two city folk thrown in was actually an interview. […]

When God Writes Your Adoption Story: The Chicks Who Went to Another Nest

Sometimes God does things that are just so God-ish, they have to be told. Last night I went to a celebration of the sweetest kind.  Meet Sadie and Caleb Hall…. Yesterday was their Gotcha Day. Judge Easlick declared them legally and permanently children of Jason and Machelle Hall. We partied at church afterward because the Lord sets the […]

A Party for Pink Bear: And Why You Should Skip the Mama Guilt.

Anna has a pink bear that she’s slept with for years. Toting that thing all over tarnation since she was big enough to crawl, she also twiddles the tag attached to his bottom while watching t.v. or falling asleep. We’ve had frantic searches at bedtime more nights than I can count and this lovey has clocked air miles from […]

Loving Them Well: A Double Book Giveaway

God’s been pricking my soul about something lately. In light new projects and added to-do lists, I’ve gotten sloppy about loving Nate and the Chicks. And I think they’ve noticed. Titus and I were hanging out in the kitchen while he ate an after-school snack. I scurried around putting dishes away and sweeping up graham cracker residue as he devoured Nilla […]

Three Cheers for a New Site

Welcome to my new site ya’ll! I’m extremely excited to finally have this sucker up. And when I say finally, I mean FINALLY. Sweet readers, I decided last November (!!!) to create a new site and move from Blogger to WordPress. I remember naively saying to a writing pal that I would use December to create […]

Supporting Foster Families: Helping the Newbie

It was only a year ago that Nate and I started the process for becoming foster parents. Less than three months later we received our first placement. And much like welcoming a new baby for the first time, becoming foster parents rocked our world. Our “normal” lives suddenly involved so many new dynamics I felt like I was […]

Rethinking Family Devotions

One of my readers asked me to write a post on how the Lawrences do our family devotions. (GAH! I have READERS! This one doubles as my son’s Sunday School teacher, but details, details….) I am so happy to accommodate her request since I love to pretend I’m the expert on things. This picture is so misleading. Needing […]

Bring On the Boring

So this is where I am today. And let me say from the front end, it’s not my finest hour. Because quite frankly I am little bit over all the hoopla and merry making that comes with our culture’s hyped up version of Christmas. We’ve done the light shows. We’ve made the cookies. We’ve seen […]

The Gift I Gave Jesus, And What He Gave Me in Return

It’s been one year today. For three months I had been moping around, grieving the death of a dream to adopt from Haiti. Nathan had been trying in his own gentle ways to point me toward foster care and domestic adoption. But I was resistant.  I didn’t think I could open my home and my […]

Not Into Normal: More of Me than You Might Want to See

Today I decided to dig out the journal from 2013 and walk down memory lane. You know, since there’s nothing else to do around here and all. What with the three kids and the two dogs and the laundry and the two dozen toys my son wants me to replace batteries in and the party […]