Haiti & Hurricanes

I have vivid memories of Hurricane Opal. It was October and I was 15 years old. I huddled with my family in my parents’ bedroom all night, listening to the storm rage and wondering when the walls were going to give way.  At some point, the wind lifted a small building off the ground and slammed it against the eastern […]

When the Almighty Speaks

I went to the Beth Moore Living Proof  Live conference in Mobile two weeks ago.  It turned out to be a Burning Bush experience that has reshaped my life. Interestingly enough, I wasn’t all that thrilled about going beforehand. Nate asked me the morning of if I was excited about it: “Umm… I guess so. But honestly I […]

Church Vans Down Memory Lane

Well let’s just go ahead and acknowledge the elephant in the room: TWO posts back to back. It’s a Back to School miracle, friends. I think it’s a little early to celebrate consistency, though. We all know my track record when it comes to writing daily. Reference posts from last January where I committed to write for […]

My Martha Gets Me Every Time

I’m BAAACCCKKK. Ya’ll. All four kids now have lives outside the walls of this house from 8-3. And I’m feeling so much liberation I can’t stand it. I’m enjoying things like: silence, lunch with my husband, a candle burning, uninterrupted thoughts, uninterrupted potty breaks, and glory hallelujah I can now get my work done without […]

Overdue Update

You know that thing where you have a friend you love to tell stuff to, but you don’t see each other often, and you have a heart full of things to say to them, so you tell yourself you’re going to wait until you “have plenty of time” before you call because you don’t want […]

What is Foster Care Like?

Multiple times over the past two years, people have shyly asked “What is foster care like?” Mostly, the people asking were considering foster care themselves. And they needed to hear the good, the bad and the ugly before they jumped in any deeper. I understand how they felt. I wanted the same thing when we […]

Dear Anna, Stuff on Being a Mom-Part 1

Anna Girl, I just tucked you in, snug as bug in bed. Your darling face looking up at me with contentment as I kissed your cheek goodnight. It was a good day. But I blinked and now it’s over. Right now your days are full of Barbie and dress up and more art projects than our […]

Gift Giving

I wasn’t going to write tonight. Ya’ll, I had just hunkered down for Downton Abbey and I was quite happy about it. But then I got the “ding” on my phone alerting me to a Facebook message. It was a dear friend from Texas days gone by. She went on about how a foster mama friend […]


I don’t suffer from a lack of confidence. Au contraire, I tend to think I can do pretty much anything. Somebody told me once I could do anything I wanted to do. And I was just dumb enough to believe them. And when it comes to the chicks in my nest, I have that confidence times 10. […]

An Incessant Pounding

Our doorbell doesn’t work. I’ve had numerous people tell me they came to the front door and knocked, only to leave after a minute or two because they assumed we weren’t home. Truth is, I just didn’t hear them. What with the four kids and three dozen battery operated toys and all. Also, SESAME STREET. On […]